Gaurav Prajapati

Tekniskt säljstöd Säkerhet


I adore creativity and appreciate responsibility for work. I love to work in teams. In my role as a business developer, I am often engaged in refining the service by providing suggestions on areas for improvement as well as work at a technical level to enhance the delivery of service. A part of my job is to be exposed to customer service through consultancy and help them guide through in the area of security. I am a part of the national security team at Atea who strives to combine knowledge as expertise across the Atea's security teams spread out in Sweden. 

My input

As a blogger, I refine my thoughts through writing and take a chance to present them. I feel sharing inspiring thoughts can propel great work. I am a cyber security enthusiast and that's my area of focus. upplevs bättre om du uppdaterar din webbläsare. Här hittar du en ny version av internet explorer