Countdown mode is ON for Atea Sustainability Focus

Today we are presenting Atea Sustainability Focus at Atea Bootcamp, which gathers 500+ it-decision makers from across the country. That we chose Bootcamp is no coincidence. Atea Sustainability Focus is an initiative designed for and by the most engaged it-buyers, in the region holding the sustainability flag the highest. Together, Nordic it-buyers can shape the pace and focus of the global it-industry sustainability agenda.

Chiara Selvetti
Chiara Selvetti

A number of months ago I had the privilege to be called to a meeting with Magnus Sallbring, marketing director and ‘culture minister’ at Atea. The Goal: defining how Atea can use its position, at the crossroads between the most engaged sustainable procurers in the world and the leading companies of the IT-industry, to bring about accelerated results for people and planet, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This sense of responsibility, and the courage of pursuing bold ambitions, is important in order to create a change.

And so was Atea Sustainability Focus born. 6 months and countless hours of work later, we are presenting today ASF-dialogue, an annual survey designed to gather the Nordic markets insights, knowledge and expectations for a more sustainable IT industry.

These views will be summarized by an Advisory Board, a council of Nordic sustainability leaders from the private and public sector, who also happen to be among the largest IT buyers and digitalization leaders in their own industry. The Boards is tasked to formulate focused and relevant recommendations for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and its members.

The EICCs openness and commitment is the final key ingredient for this project’s viability. Building on a strong tradition of corporate responsibility, the industry organization and its leading members are signaling they are ready for a step change, moving towards an integrated strategy that balances risks mitigation and embracing the opportunities offered by the SDGs. The Nordic market is truly in a privileged position to help shape this transition.

Want to know how you can engage?

  • Make your voice heard via www.atea.se/asf
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to join us at Atea Sustainability Forum in Visby on 6-7 July 

Have questions? Ping us an email!