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08:55 Welcome to Atea Sustainability Forum with our moderators Chiara Selvetti and Camilla Cederquist

09:10 About ASF with Nelly Flatland, Head of Sustainability, Atea Norway 

09:20  Keynote: Daniel Reid, Director of Environment and Circularity, Responsible Business Alliance

09:45  The Nordics have spoken: This is IT's most important issue for the future: Climate accountability

09:55  Panel with IT buyers


  • Maria Faergemann Eg, Nordea
  • Tom-Kenneth Fossheim, Elmera
  • Erik Nilsson, H&M

10:05  Panel with the industry


  • Louise Koch, Dell Technologies
  • Maria Collin, HP Inc
  • Dr John Frey, HPE
  • Mary Jacques, Lenovo 
  • Camilla Kampmann, IBM

10:15  Intro roundtable discussions

10:20 Break 

10:35 Roundtable discussions

11:00  Keynote: Maria Collin, HP Inc

11:20  Keynote: Outcome focused carbon accountability: Tracking and optimizing emissions on a solutions level, Dr John Frey, HPE 

11:40 Climate accountability in a global perspective – the crucial link between the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 Jan Eliasson

12:15 The live streaming is finished

12:15  Break - Lunch

13:00  Welcome back

13:05 Keynote: Upstream, Downstream and Into the Future: Driving Climate Action through Sustainable Innovation, Louise Koch, Dell Technologies

13:25 Case: Sustainable procurement and contract management


  • Josefin Levander, Sustainability Manager IT City of Malmö
  • Per Luks, IT contract and supplier strategist Uppsala Municipality

13:45 Roundtable discussions 

14:25 Break 

14:55 Keynote: Taking a Science-Based Approach to Addressing Climate Change Mary Jacques, Lenovo

15:20 Roundtable discussions

16:00 Advancing sustainable supply chains with new contract terms


  • Pauline Göthberg, National Coordinator and Head of Unit, National Secretariat for Sustainable Public Procurement 
  • Kristin Tallbo, Sustainability Strategist, Adda Central Purchasing Body

16:20 Roundtable discussions - take aways

16:50  Summary 

17:00 Mingle