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A day of insights and collaboration


8:00 Breakfast seminars

Circular use of IT is better for the environment – scientific study proves it!
Madeleine Bergrahm, Nordic Sustainability Manager at HP, will share insights from a life cycle study comparing contractual with transactional purchase and use of computers.
You will be provided with arguments to move your organization towards sustainable IT.

Setting 2030 sustainability goals – insights from Dell Technologies
David Lear, Global VP of Sustainability, will give you a guided tour of Dell Technology's plan Progress Made Real 2030 Plan for social impact, and an inside view on the process of analysis and stakeholder engagement leading to the ambitious goals, followed by Q&A.

9:00 Welcome and introduction: The ASF story revisited
Magnus Sallbring, Director of Marketing and Culture at Atea Denmark and the founder of Atea Sustainability Focus
Atea Sustainability Focus is the initiative that unites the Nordic IT buyers with the aim to accelerate the sustainability work of the industry. In just a couple of years, the initiative has demonstrated the strength of the Nordic voice. 

9:30 Achieving a sustainable industry – how does the IT sector collaborate?
Deborah Albers, Vice President at Responsible Business Alliance
The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is the world’s largest coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. More than 150 companies from the IT and electronics industry are members, from leading global brands to upstream suppliers. Deborah Albers tells us more about how the industry collaborates to improve working and environmental conditions, and how Atea Sustainability Focus contributes to that mission.

10:00 Block: Circular economy – the next step
Last year, the Nordic IT buyers established that the industry must become circular. Now it's time to deliver. This year’s ASF report demonstrates the next step according to the buyers. Does the industry agree? And what is the prospect of succeeding? It’s time to find out how together we can make the circular economy happen.
- Launching of the 2020 ASF report
- Panel discussion with the ASF Advisory Board and the industry
- Keynote: David S Lear, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Dell
- Keynote: Wendy Phippen, Director of Environmental Compliance at Microsoft
- Keynote: Chris Wellise, VP & Chief Sustainability Officer, HPE
- Round-table discussion





You will have a designated seat around a table with representatives from the industry and other IT buyers and several opportunities during the day to discuss the content and share knowledge.

The agenda is preliminary and may be subject to change.



12:30 Lunch

13:30 Block: Transparency – starting or parting point?
As demands from buyers increase, manufacturers have become increasingly transparent, but the stakes are high. We explore what transparency really means and how we can ensure that more knowledge actually leads to more sustainability.
- Keynote: Adam Schafer, Director of supply chain sustainability at Intel
- Practical Guide to Transparency in Procurement (Deborah Albers, Responsible Business Alliance)
- Round-table discussion

15:00 Block: Sustainability criteria
Hand on heart – do your sustainability criteria really drive change? If not, what are the risks and what can we do differently? Three ASF reports later we give you the opportunity to put power behind the words, a unifying force.
- What makes sustainability criteria effective and relevant? (Chiara Selvetti, Head of sustainability, Atea)
- Collaboration is king – What is the buyers’ ambition?
- Workshop

16:00 Case: H&M and the road to circularity
Anna Gedda, Head of sustainability at H&M Group
From a sustainability perspective, the fashion and IT industry share many challenges. Anna Gedda tells the story of how H&M, a company built on the idea of fast fashion, is transforming from a linear to a circular business model and the opportunities it entails.

17:00 The day ends

Networking mingle with a lighter meal*






*Must be pre-booked on the registration form


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